DESIGN: Creative process of lettering "Ye Are Gods"

Click on the image above to know more about the creative process of the lettering YE ARE GODS by designer Renan Torres.




 STAB ME GOD is a digital gallery that runs on collaborative curation, organized by Frederico Rabelo and guests. It begins as another branch among many other projects that Frederico has been developing for Contemporary Tattooing.

The primary objective with this project is to spread tattooing, through the most innovative and representative artworks in the medium, presented in their diverse styles and proposals. Parallel to this, there are artworks from other visual languages.

Everyone is welcome in this project. To submit your artwork use hashtags #stabmegod and #stttab on instagram.






We believe collaboration is a necessary path for contemporary tattooing. When we put ourselves in that position, a new head space emerges where two artists conflict and converge in order to build one new artwork. With the collision of our differences, we sense the creation of new solutions with potential to produce innovation and culture for our generation through tattooing.

Tattooists: Frederico Rabelo e Fredão Oliveira
Directed, Photographed and Edited by Francisco Franco e João Pedro Castanheira
Camera assistants: Diego Navarro e Ian Dias
Music: Carpenter Brut - "Escape from midwich valley"
Production: INHAMIS




In late 2015, Frederico Rabelo created a plan with 45 tattoo projects to be executed until mid 2016. In this plan, everything is pre-established: Designs, references, dimensions and and even the location where the tattoo would fit on the body. This project signifies a real response in favor of those who think of tattooing as an artistic expression and a fundamental act of creation, where the whole creative process is conceived by the artist. By doing this, taking back creative freedom, Frederico believed the artists have bigger chances of producing more notable and pertinent projects. 

“After a long period of traveling and working intensively, I felt it was time to deepen my artistic aspirations. I wanted to go back to my studio and focus my time solely on projects that I truly believed in. In a way, this was the most radical step I took toward my freedom. To me, there’s no sense in dedicating myself to anything that doesn’t stem from an honest feeling of love and will.

Conceiving these 45 projects, inverting the commodification standard of tattoo commissions by clients, I found a way to be completely honest with myself, and consequently, with everyone who chose to be a part of the plan. It was also a bold step for me, because I had never seen anyone take it before. There were no guarantees, or even expectations of success. But there were truth and work. Producing these projects took my work to a more mature level and opened me up to new artistic questionings. 

I am really happy to have done it and very thankful to those who were a part of it. "  -  Frederico Rabelo